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Customization and Re-upholstery in 3 simple steps.

Customization section

We can provide customized sofa and chair for consumers and designers according to their preference on design, material and colour. 

Click the mail button

if you are interested. 

1. Send us your design requirements through email by clicking this button.

2. Wait for our quotation.

3. Confirm the order and pay for the deposit. We will start making the sofa and will deliver to your location provided.

Re-upholstery section

1. Send us your sofa and chairs 'photos and materials preference through Whatsapp by clicking the button below .

2. Wait for our quotation.

3. Confirm the order and we will pick up the sofa from the location you provide. For commercial customers such as restaurants, we will arrange a date for installations works upon confirmation of order. 


We can do re-upholstery for your existing sofa according to your preference on materials and colour. 

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if you are interested.

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